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Clean and Simple Meditation

Ready for the next step on your meditation journey?

Do you feel like guided meditations can be distracting? Does the narration get in the way of reaching a deeper meditative state? Zenitizer is the ideal tool for an unguided meditation practice, helping you grow as a meditator.

  • Immerse yourself in calming soundscapes
  • Stay in the moment with interval bells
  • Create routines that work for you

Make daily meditation a habit, stop overthinking and worrying and embrace the serenity of now.

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Made for Apple Users

Zenitizer is designed to feel right at home on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and of course it supports Apple Health to easily track your mindful minutes. Many Apple platform features are supported in order to effortlessly integrate Zenitizer into your life: from automating meditation sessions with Shortcuts to showing your current meditation stats and streaks on widgets or Apple Watch complications. Did you know that Shortcuts allow you to use Zenitizer with Siri? Even on your HomePod!

Stay Motivated

Streaks can be motivating, but also frustrating. No time to reach your meditation goal today? Not problem! Your streak will only break if you don’t meditate at all. You only need to reach your goal to grow the streak, but even one minute is enough to keep it. It’s all about being a little mindful each day and it should never feel like a chore or competition ❤️

Log Sessions

You can also manually log meditations from the daily goal screen without starting a timer first. This is really useful when you have been mindful outside of a formal meditation session. For example, I often do that when I’m hiking in nature, truly mindful of my present moment experience or after attending a yoga class.

Free & Power User Features

Many of the core features are available for free but some functionality requires Zenitizer+, which is available as a one-time purchase or subscription (you choose which plan fits best into your life - they all unlock the full feature set).

Zenitizer+ Features

  • Routines (incl. launching routines via Widgets or Shortcuts)
  • Advanced Timer Customization (i.e. customizing all timer stages and bells)
  • Access to continuously curated selection of soothing background soundscapes
  • Access to full selection of bell sounds
  • Ability to manually log mindful minutes

Aside from unlocking premium features, Zenitizer+ subscriptions and purchases allow me to continue improving Zenitizer in the future. I have very exciting plans for Zenitizer and would love to consistently work on it for a long time to come.

Member of The Press?

Are you a journalist, influencer, blogger or any kind of content producer and would like to cover Zenitizer?
That's amazing and I really appreciate it!

You can browse and download the official Zenitizer press kit on ImpressKit by clicking the button below. It contains up-to-date screenshots and all kinds of other material and info for you to use! Also, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask for promo codes or additional info any time 😊