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Clean your mind from busy thoughts. Find focus and calm.

About Zenitizer

Zenitizer is a minimal meditation timer that gets out of your way to let you meditate your way

Without unnecessary clutter, Zenitizer focusses on what matters most: a great meditation timer experience and motivating goals + streaks while respecting your privacy! It features a truly native design for Apple Watch and iPhone and deep integration with the Apple ecosystem.

Feature Overview*

  • ⌛️ Meditation Timer
    • Meditation timer with alerts when a session ends
    • Selection of calming background sounds and soothing tunes to play during a meditation session
    • Count-in preparation timer bell (or vibration in silent mode)
    • Interval bells (or vibration) for regular reminders to get back to the present moment when your thoughts drift off
  • 📊 Apple Health, Statistics and Streaks
    • Integration with Apple Health to store mindful minutes
    • Meditation statistics, daily goals and streaks based on Apple Health mindful minutes (including other meditation apps)
    • Display stats and streaks as widgets on your Lock Screen, Home Screen or as complications on your Apple Watch
    • Optional coaching notifications throughout the day to help you reach your daily meditation goal
  • ⚙️ Automation and Integration
    • Use Shortcuts to automate your meditation sessions
    • Start a meditation through Siri with a simple sentence - even from your HomePod!
    • Stream meditation sessions + background sounds to AirPlay speakers across your home
    • Control your session via Live Activities on your Lock Screen or in your Dynamic Island
    • Set the mood with Apple HomeKit as soon as a meditation starts

* (These are the features currently planned for the initial release but the list is, of course, subject to change)

App Design and Philosophy

It is designed to feel right at home on your iPhone and Apple Watch and of course it’s integrated with Apple Health to effortlessly track your mindful minutes. Many Apple platform features are supported in order to deeply integrate Zenitizer into your life: from automating meditation sessions via Shortcuts to setting the right mood for meditations using HomeKit or showing your current meditation stats and streaks on widgets or Apple Watch complications - if there’s an Apple-platform feature that a meditation app would benefit from, I’m planning to adopt it 🤓

What About Guided Meditations?

While I may possibly add simple guided meditations with a minimal degree of instructions, Zenitizer does not aim to provide a broad catalogue of guided meditations and similar content. If that’s what you’re looking for, Zenitizer is not for you - and that’s okay! You should use whatever helps your practice and guided meditations can be very valuable - especially when you’re getting started with mindfulness, so I encourage you to try different strategies and see what works best for you!

Also, keep in mind that these philosophies are not mutually exclusive but they can actually complement each other! I, too, sometimes feel like I would enjoy a guided meditation and then I’ll simply listen to one. But most of the time, I personally just prefer a minimal meditation timer on my wrist that I can use to track mindfulness sessions in everyday life.

All of Zenitizer’s statistics, daily goal and streaks features are based on Apple Health, so they will take mindful minutes recorded by other apps into account as well. There is no “lock-in” and I truly want you to use what works best for you and mix and match apps as you see fit ❤️

Member of The Press?

Are you a blogger, writer or any kind of content producer and would like to cover Zenitizer?
That's super awesome and I really appreciate it! 🙏 ❤️

You can browse and download the official Zenitizer press kit on ImpressKit by clicking the button below. It contains up-to-date screenshots and all kinds of other material and info for you to use! Also, please don't hesitate to reach out any time 😊