Zenitizer Is Now on the App Store

Thursday, 25 May, 2023

After months of beta testing and continual refinement, Zenitizer is now available to download on the App Store. It’s a clean and simple meditation timer that’s designed to feel at home on your Apple devices. It is focused on the core meditation timer experience with customizable interval bells, soothing soundscapes and deep OS integration and great Apple Watch support. You can find out more here.

A screenshot showing the App Store listing of Zenitizer

I am incredibly grateful for all those who have helped beta test Zenitizer over the last couple months and provided valuable feedback and words of encouragement.

The Road Ahead

In order to actually ship version 1.0 I needed to push out a few features and improvements that I originally had planned for the initial release. One such feature is full iCloud sync for meditation streak data as well as custom meditation routines. I also have a number of interesting innovative ideas in mind but want to await WWDC announcements before announcing a roadmap. I’ll probably want to adopt some of the new functionality that is announced for iOS 17 so this will have to be taken into account for prioritization and planning.

If you’d like to follow along, make sure to subscribe to any of Zenitizer’s social media channels or the RSS feed for this blog! And if you have any specific feature wishes or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let me know 😊


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