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Evolution XPert for Pokémon GO

Evolution XPert is an assistant app for the highly popular augmented reality game Pokémon GO which helps players optimize their evolution XP gain. The application deduces the right amount of Pokémon of a particular kind to transfer in order to maximize the amount of possible evolutions.

If this sounds like some nerdy gibberish to you but you would like to understand what all this is about, have a look at “Understanding the strategy”.

Understanding the strategy

The exciting new thing about Pokémon GO is that it actually makes you run around outside instead of sitting at your desk all day, but if you leave that fact aside it is still an RPG game. If you just “wanna catch em all” this should not be of much concern to you but there are many players out there who strive to reach higher and higher levels in order to catch higher and higher CP Pokémon which will enable them to conquer gyms or just show off (yeah, people actually do that).

The game rewards you with XP for many different actions such as collecting items from Pokéstops, catching wild Pokémon or fighting battles, but there is nothing as effective when it comes to leveling up as evoliving Pokémon - many of them. This is why many players have figured out that it makes sense to collect a lot of Pokémon (especially those with low candy requirements) and just try to perform as many evolutions as possible. This is even more important if you use one of those precious lucky eggs, which are items that double your XP gain for 30 minutes - its all about efficiency!

Evolutions cost candy, transferring Pokémon gives you candy but also makes you loose a potential evolution candidate. So Tobi and I figured out the maths to solve this simple optimization problem and wrapped it up in a pair of nice, little mobile apps so you can benefit from our insights.